Industry Focus

Industry Focus

POP provides a complete range of website, mobile and responsive site design and development services to a broad range of companies located throughout the US. In addition, we also focus on and have extensive experience working with the following industries:

Law Firm, Bar Association & the Legal Industry Site Design & Development


Our Legal Industry Experience. POP has specialized in providing online services to law firms, bar associations and the legal industry since 1995. We have designed and developed sites for large and small law firms and legal organizations from San Francisco to Washington, DC. In addition, we have created member and community sites for the legal industry and bar associations.


How We Work. We are committed to saving our clients time and money. We accomplish this by applying our legal industry and online experience and tailoring our process to each client's specific needs. This approach has evolved into a flexible RAPID process that allows us to deliver quality work, quality service and value, quickly.

Project Scope

Range of Work. POP offers services to a broad range of law firms and legal organizations, focusing on the type of project rather than the size of the project or client. As a result we have worked on projects for small, mid-sized and large law firms and legal organizations.

Services & Capabilities

Comprehensive Projects: POP provides a full range of web, mobile and responsive site planning, design, development and social media integration services to help our clients meet their online needs and stand out in the highly competitve online environment.

Redesign Services: One of our main areas we focus on is the redesign of law firm and legal sites. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, we can help you successfully plan and implement a redesigned site.

Project-Based/Small Scale Projects: For organizations looking to update aspects of their existing site or seeking to implement site enhancements in phases, POP offers a full selection of services in the areas of site consulting, design, development, content, usability, social media integration and hosting.

Site Maintenance Services: Maintaining a professional, up-to-date site is critical, especially for law firms and legal organizations. To assist you in this important area, we offer site maintenance services on a retained, project and hourly basis.